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WelComE to The GreAteSt sIte

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*About Me*

Hey, I'm Samantha as you might have figured before. This site does mean a lot to me because it's always good to know how to kiss and where. I love the feeling and sensation it brings, and I would like everyone else to feel the exact same way. Try some of them, they won't hurt but make you feel much better.

I have some pictures of me if you would like to see what I look like, I don't have a problem with that at all.


Haha the picture above is when I was at my friend Sam Giroux's house and I was fooling around and I wore her spiderman tuque and took a picture.

I like to swim, go tubing, hanging out with some friends. I like helping people a lot. I like the computer like majorly, and I also have a wonderful boyfriend. That's what the other picture is about. Haha!


This was when I went to the clinic to get something checked and Clayton came with me and we took a picture. And nothing was really wrong with me for everyone to know.

And don't worry, I don't bite................... hard!!

~*All About Seductive Kisses..*~